Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Color Me Wonderful

Hair Rut + Low Funds = One sad girl with boring hair, aka, Me. Previous mishaps in the realm of DIY haircutting (I'm still growing out my sad attempt at cutting bangs, which has resulted in a weird layer of side pouf...), has ruled out that option. My confidence shaken, it's needless to say I don't trust myself with a box of dye. However, there are some (cheap!) variables to factor in and shake up the equation.

(a) = Kool Aid! That's right, for mere nickels and dimes, you can get those rainbow ombre locks being touted on the runways and editorials. Unfortunately, the Kool Aid method is a bit too light to show up in my raven locks but its great for my fair haired friends. Get step-by-step directions here or here. Go ahead, drink the Kool Aid...

(b) = Manic Panic! The always dependable go-to source for temporary Rainbow-Brite colors. Under $20? Check. More colors than Joseph's Technicolor coat? Check. Great tutorial and products at Manic Panic.

(c) = Clip-Ins! I have to say I'm rather skeptical of this route, having seen way too many extensions resembling the hacked remains of my childhood Barbie doll's hair at one too many mall kiosks. But what the hey, I'm in no position to be an extension elitist right now, and I'm sure the right placement and hairstyle can yield satisfactory results... Right? Raid your local Claire's or Afterthoughts for the quickest method of hair transformation. EZ peezy.

Top Image: Wildfox Couture blog, I Love Wildfox!
Middle Row: Lydia Hearst for Vixen Magazine at Fashion Gone Rogue.
Bottom Image: The Skinny.

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